Positives from the season so far......

OK, I think most of would agree that if someone told us that the Bulls would be 13-14 after 27 games, sitting 8th in the East, we would have taken that in a heartbeat!

Well, looking at the season so far, we have had some positives and negatives, I think the positives outweighing the negatives so far......


13-14, 8th in the East, played more road games than home games

Derrick Rose is ahead of the curve, playing a lot (maybe too much) but is becoming the leader of this team. Finally a possible All-Star and Superstar in the making.

10-3 at home, 2 of those losses came against the Cavs and Hawks, 2 of the top 4 teams in the East, the other came in OT against the Sixers

3-4 on the West Coast trip, and we had a chance to win a few more

Vinny Del Negro is still making mistakes, but still progressing at the same time.  You have to admit this team is slowly coming along, playing better, getting better ball movement and Tyrus & Noah seemed to have woken up after his comments.

Ben Gordon & Nocioni have learned how to play off of Rose, making the game easier for them

10 of our losses have came against teams that our a combined 155-57 (Boston twice, Cleveland twice, Orlando, Atlanta, LA Lakers, Denver, Portland, San Antonio)

The not giving up when falling behind, the constant fight which was not there last year. (Except for the Portland game)


The Defense is still horrific, 2nite was the 1st time I believe in 8 games that we held a team under a 100

The losses to the Bobcats, the Grizzlies, the Sixers at home, and the Bucks.  Bucks are playing decent but I still believe we have more talent.  We had leads over the Bobcats and Grizzlies and let them slip away.

Offense sometimes stalls with too much one-on-one offense.

Too MANY turnovers, must take care of the ball.

We seem to be getting to the line less and less as the season goes on, some of this falls on being a jump shooting team but when we do drive, I'm seeing the refs not as generous to us as some other teams.

Our only 3 wins on the road came during the West Coast trip, have to be better than 3-11 if we want to make the playoffs.  You have to learn to win on the road to be successful.

The inconsisent minutes for some of the young players, this is where Del Negro needs to set the rotation better, giving the youngsters an understanding of how and where their minutes will come.


This team is frustrating some times, but this team is still young.  I do like they want to win and keep fighting even when they get down.  That shows persistance and that is a good thing.

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