Game Preview #27 - Chicago Bulls vs. Utah Jazz

[Thanks to chgobr for today's game preview. Though there's not much talk about the actual game. I'll put the other stuff after the jump -ed.]

Most likely more frustration as we watch Milsap destroy our forwards.  Milsap has 14 straight double-doubles.  Last night he had 24 points, 12 rebounds, 4 blocks and 2 steals in the 120-114 double-overtime win against Detroit.  How does Utah come up with these guys? or Why don't we come up with these guys?   Tyrus fans will be happy to see him return.  Utah will want revenge for the Larry Hughes game winner their last meeting. I am struggling to come up with optimism as we face a fundamentally sound team with our unstable lineup.

Blogging with the enemy:  The  Salt Lake Tribune is as good a place to go for Jazz information.  Jazz Notes in the same paper is also interesting. [and don't forget SLC Dunk! As well as True Blue Jazz -ed.]

TV/radio: 7:30 p.m. Saturday, CSN, WMVP-AM 1000.

I feel we are in cooking school.  We have many ingredients to make something special, but so far it tastes blah.  Do we need a new player or just change the lineup? BlogaBull has many opinions.  More Tyrus, trade Tyrus, less Hughes/Nocioni, trades galore, get rid of VDN, get rid of Paxson, patience, wait for 2010, wait for Rose to develop, less Gooden, trade Gooden, more Thabo - - well you get the idea.  Paxson said he is looking for a trade.  What makes today interesting to me is the possibility of Bosh being available.  Today's Toronto Star reports that

But Toronto's lacklustre play of late – their ninth loss in 11 games – has largely been a function of star Chris Bosh's struggles. After a torrid November in which he averaged 26.4 points and 10.2 rebounds on 54 per cent field-goal shooting, he came into last night's game with December averages of 18.1 points and 8.9 rebounds on 41 per cent shooting. Last night he had 22 points and 16 rebounds, but he needed 18 shots from the field to get his number. And his legs, the right one sheathed in a hefty knee brace, looked positively lifeless.

Toronto fan's seem to be turning on Bosh.  See some of the comments in the Toronto Star article above.

Bosh needs to Go

Submitted by tbagnick at 8:50 AM Saturday, December 20 2008

Taking out his frustrations on Moon and Ukic. Nice. We are a team and that is not the answer. I watched this game and was very displeased to see Chris Throw up yet another 3 with 20 on the clock. He will never be an MVP and the raptors need to realize this. He is the one missing the shots. take Bosh off the pedistal and realize that he is the number one problem with this team. he has no business yelling at the players for mistakes when he makes just as many of them. He also has no business sitting out of time outs either. He needs to go. I have seen enough of his crap this month. Bring in a team player.....

We are not the only frustrated fans -

Babcock was a better GM than Colangelo

Submitted by tstar101 at 9:49 AM Saturday, December 20 2008

while most will intially deny this.. note the following: 1) Colangelo came in with a perfect situation, cap space, #1 pick, and budding superstar 2) Colagelo's key peices of calderone, and bosh are unchanged from the babcock era 3) Bargnani at #1 is a far worse pick than Araujo at #8 (#1 picks are supposed to be all stars) 4) Babcock inherited no cap space, a superstar that wanted out, and was openly rebuilding. Colangelo ruined a perfec situation.... it seems the media was overly harsh on Babcock, and is too forgiving on Colangelo..

Do we have a chance to steal him now?  I don't know but with our low post problems it is worth considering.

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