Game preview #23 - New Jersey Nets at Chicago Bulls

[Thanks to chgobr for today's game preview. Here's the problem with being content with squeaking out wins against bad teams: it means you're just bad enough to lose these games too. -ed.]

This game preview is colored by a post mortim of the previous two losses.  The gory details are well documented in last night's game thread, particularly the last overflow thread.

Forget the Trib, Sun-Times, etc. there is no better place to understand the extent of our anger and angst than the last overflow thread.  The glaring problems of lack of team chemistry, intensity and no inside game need to be addressed by a trade.  This is arguable but I am confident that Paxson knows the urgent need to change this roster.  However MPG in the last overflow thread makes the seminal point. 

Paxson's ability to make trades

is going to be severely hampered by how poorly they’re playing. Nocioni may, at present, have the NBA’s worst contract; Tyrus and Noah have little to no value because they get no burn on a team with a poor interior. He can have his bluetooth surgical implanted in his ear, and it won’t matter. We’re stuck.

That doesn’t have to be permanent, of course. With time, Tyrus and Noah may produce, and it’s totally possible that Kirk will end up with a higher trade value after he comes back. But for now…honestly…we’re going to have to get used to the fact that this team is the team.

I hope I’m totally wrong.

The poster formerly known as Freethefro.

by MPG on Dec 12, 2008 10:15 PM CST to parent up reply reply actions actions   0 recs

There is always hope.  Last year the moribund play of Ben Wallace, aka "The Corpse". was killing me ( I can't help myself).  I thought the Corpse and his contract were impossible to trade.  Paxson pulled off a minor miracle by getting two serviceable players for dead man walking.  Hope prevails and maybe someone would take one of our new fleet dead men playing for someone that can make us better.  If this cannot be done BlogaBull needs a Psychiatrist on retainer.

Tonight's game

The New Jersey Nets the past two games have matched the Bulls pathetic play.  Vince Carter went 0-13 against his former team, The Rapters, last night as they were blown out at home 101 - 79.  This follows a 121 -109 loss to the mighty Knicks.  Before these two losses Funk and King could not understanding why Jersey had been doing so well.  Devin Harris had been sensational and Vince Carter was playing like Vincesanity again.  Brook Lopez seemed like a promising inside presence and Ji Jianlian, Option27's favorite,  well, still had the infamous potential.  Before these two losses the Nets won 6 of 8 and 5 of 8 games were on the road.  Devin Harris thinks Vince will be a different man tonight.

"I think he'll still take the same shots," Harris said of Carter's mind-set at Chicago. "He'll be just as aggressive. Everybody's had these kind of nights before. I don't expect them to be frequent occurrences. Hopefully, we'll get the Vince of old. If not, we'll have to figure something out."

Which Net team/Vince Carter will show up tonight?

Blogging with the Enemy:  If the Bulls could do as well as BlogaBull we would be leading the East.  Finding a good New Jersey Net Blog is a challenge. Nothin' But Nets last entry is December 11th 2008.  NetsDaily Blog last entry is October 31st 2008 The Newark Star-Ledger  is as good a site as I can find that focuses on the Nets.

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