Three Trades and a Rose

Many people on this site opined that the trade of Billups to Denver negated one of Chicago's chief possible trading partners for Hinrich.  Maybe, but it also signaled the beginning of the western conference race.  No team made the playoffs with less than 50 wins in the west last year, meaning, even a momentary slip up or a slight team defect can cost a western team a shot at the playoffs.  And there are several teams in the west who have absolutely no need for another high lottery picks.  What does this mean?  Teams like Golden State and Portland will be anxious to make trades to keep up.  In that vein, here are some proposals for trades that can help the Bulls by putting Rose in a more favorable position now, help our salary position down the road, and help those western conferences teams fighting for a playoff spot.

Trade 1

Bulls send Hinrich and Thomas to Golden State

Golden State sends Wright, Marcus Williams and Harrington to the Bulls.

Why the Bulls do it?  Hinrich's value will never be higher.  And it is clear, he will take opportunities away from Rose with his need for the ball.  Wright and Harrington are better options with Rose than Tyrus at power forward.  Wright is a power forward we can develop, and Harrington can play the power forward until Wright is ready.  They both have developed offensive games, are quality rebounders and underrated defendders.  The Bulls replace a erratic interior player with two more stable power forwards, one with as much if not more potential than Thomas.

Why GS does it?  They desperately need point guard help until Ellis gets back.  Hinrich can also run the point and guard the 2's when Ellis gets back so he will still have a prominent role.  It will also give them a defensive minded 4 to go along with Randolph, the 4 Nellie seems to prefer.  Plus in Nellie Ball, Tyrus could probably play the 5 some.

Trade 2

Bulls - Hinrich and Nocioni (local four-game fan favorites) to Portland

Portland - Outlaw, Rodriguez, and La Frentz to Golden State

Why the Bulls do it?  Pretty much for the same reasons they do the Golden State trade.  To get the ball out of Hinrich's hands and into Rose's.  Plus both guys, Hinrich and Noce, have contracts that extend past 2010.  This sets us up to be players in free agency this summer and next.  I don't know if the 2010 plan is Portland's plan, and regardless, they have so much young talent that if they want a great player, they can trade for him.  Outlaw and Rodriguez look like serviceable rotation players to me.  Outlaw can be that wing defender we crave, without the horrible offense of Sefo.  And PS, he is playing better than super Noce.

Why the Blazers do it?  Because Steve Blake isn't the answer.  Blake is serviceable but he isn't a starting pg.  Hinrich is clearly better and would immediately improve that team.  Plus they could use Noce's outside shooting, and Outlaw isn't going to be on the court in crunch time with Rudy Fernandez taking his minutes at SF.  Plus, they seem to like Batum for their future.  And are they willing get the best out of Roy with him at PG?  I don't think so.

Trade 3

Bulls - Hinrich

Kings - Miller

Why Bulls do it?  See Rose.  Plus Miller is a reliable big man with a sweet jumper who only has 2 years on his contract.

Why Sactown does it?  They are horrible.  Nobody is going to sign their, 2010 plan or not.  They need to acquire talent by trade and draft.  And its time for a youth movement.  Hinrich can be your point guard of the future.  Miller isn't the center of the future.  Side note, Miller isn't listed on the NBA trade machine, so this isn't ESPN approved.

So those are my preliminary trade thoughts.  I think the same guys that had to go in the summer, still have to go now.  Not because they are playing bad, or they can't play with Rose, but because they are not in our long term future.  I personally like the Golden State trade, because I think they would do it and we get back good value.  What do you guys think?

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