Game Preview #14 - Chicago Bulls at the Denver Nuggetts

[Thanks to chgobr for today's preview. I predict we go small and get murdered. UPDATE: According to KC, Deng is out and Noah's starting. -ed.]

Why we should watch the game beside it starting at 8PM?

  1. Can we win our first two road games in a row? 
  2. Can we take 1 of the next 4 games and exceed my 1-6 road trip expectation?  Expect low so you don't get disappointed.  2 of the next 4 and I am in basketball heaven. 
  3. Can Rose continue his unbelievable play? 
  4. Can we overcome the pathetic play of Tyrus, Noah, Gray - the smallest big lineup in the NBA? 
  5. Should we go with the small lineup? I have been one who cringed when Skiles did the small lineup.  I am so fed up with the play of our bigs that  I am warming to the logic to 4 guards and a PF.   The Tribune starting lineup has Gordon, Rose, Hughes, Deng and Gooden.  It is fun (and a bit sad) thinking of putting Gordon on Nene to dare him to shoot.  Sam Smith has Gordon covering Dalembert which is a funny thing to imagine.  A small lineup plays to our strengths and Sam Smith is a convert. 

So everyone thinks you need a seven footer at center and more size next to him and a big man post presence.

If you don't have it, you don't keep putting big people in there who don't, won't or can't impact the game.

A bit about Denver

Denver, 8-5 is 7-2 since acquring Billups. This is not your depleted Golden State Warriors.   Denver has won 8 of the last 10 games against our Bulls even though we won the last game in a defensive gem 135 - 121 at the UC 2/22/2008.  We need to get beyond the liklihood of Carmelo, Nene and Kenyon Martin dominating the post.   I do get a bit of heartburn when JR Smith uses his 25.9 MPG and goes off on us as pay-back for labeling him as an immature, mentally unstable, talented chucker - which he is

Oh yes -  trades: 

I apologize but I cannot avoid the elephant in the room.  Watching the Bulls makes you scream "trade".  Donnie Walsh demonstrated someone who has a plan and some guts.  He has ditched the next two years on the hope he can nail Lebron in 2010.  Risky business but the man has a vision.  Winning in the NBA is really difficult.  30 teams all want to be contending.  1 of the 30 will win and be happy.  I believe Paxson is really trying to make a deal for a big however we do not have an abundance of assests others crave.   Hiesley screwed Paxson and himself by not making a deal with the Bulls for Gasol.  Many of us here, including me thought we hit a homerun with TT.  Now it looks like we struck out.  Noah is disappointing.  Gray is, well ... not NBA ready at best.  Deng is base year and Gordon's Qualifying make them almost impossible to move.  Hinrich is injured.  I watch Mbah a Moute and think what are we doing wrong here.  VDN is disappointing but still deserves the year before I judge him.  Enough of the negative - I'm getting myself depressed.  Most teams haven't won 6 championships in their whole existance.  We have Rose which is truly a shining light in this challenging season.   Patience (I know we heard this before), some team will be desperate and we may wake up and find Hughes gone and a big in.  Well we can dream!

TV/radio: 8 p.m. Sunday; CSN, WMVP-AM 1000.

Blogging with the enemy:  the Denver Post, Denver News Nuggett Blog 

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