Reasons to be optimistic about the Bulls

1. Derrick Rose:

Vinny needs to hand the keys to Rose and let him run the show. Rose showed us what he is able of duing in that fourth quater of the Dallas game. Rose is averaging 14.9 ppg on .506% shooting and 5.4 apg in 31 minutes. Rose will make mistakes, but he will learn from them.

Rose has the ability to penetrate a will against any defender and finish or find the open man. He will only get better with time. By this time next year he will be an all-star. In time Rose will improve his jumpshot, defensive and court awarness in due time. Derrick Rose is the real deal and the national media will come to realize that real soon,

2. Loul Deng:

Deng is not going to become a go-to guy, but he can be a effective 2nd or 3rd guy on a good team. Deng is best playing off the ball, which is good because we want the ball in the hands of Rose. Deng's preseason numbers have dropped, but I am sure he will out up his normall numbers around 18 ppg and 7 to 8 rpg.

With Deng doing what he does best (slashing) you should see Rose assist number go up and Deng's points go up once they gain better chemistry.

3. Tyrus Thomas:

Thomas is averaging 11.2 ppg, 10 rpg, 2.50 bpg and 1.17 spg in 27.8 mpg. He is only shooting 35% from the floor, but shooting 90% from the floor. What does that mean you ask? It means he will shoot better with better shot selection and finishing at the rim. Thomas will finish at the  with better efficiency when he gains more upperbody strenght.

Thomas is going to be a better defender than scorer. I believe that he will be able to put up around 14 ppg, 11 rpg, 2 to 3 bpg and 1.5 spg. Thomas has a good jumper and that is the reason he is shooting freethrows at such a high rate. Thomas will never become a low-post pressence, but he is proviing that he is a keeper.

4. Joakim Noah:

Noah is a hustle player and a good rebounder and shoot blocker. He will not become a low-post pressence and possibly might never have a consistent jumper. Like Thomas Noah needs to bulk up which will happen in time. Once Noah puts on more muscle and gets stronger he will be able to defend the basket better and finish at the rim more consistently.


The Bulls need a veteran bigman ala Davis and Brown who can help ease the growing pains of the young bigs and help with their development. BG will probally be gone next year.  I know alot of us do not want to admitt it, but after 2 years of failed contract talks, BG is done in the Chicago. Thabo is not gonna become the next Bowen unless he does a complete 180 and Hinrich is a expensive back-up PG.

And last but not least we all can agree that Larry "The basketball chucking" Hughes SUCKS!

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