Thomas/Noah/Thabo options picked up

[From the FanPosts. The debate of whether Thabo's option should be picked up was interesting, so I'm bumping up that original thread, which starts after the jump. -ed]

 The Bulls picked up the options for Thabo, Tyrus, and Noah

Should the Bulls pickup Thabo's team option?

The team option for Thabo, Tyrus, Joakim, and Cedric Simmons are coming up.  I suspect it's pretty much a no-brainer that they'll pick up the option for Tyrus and Noah.  I doubt it about Simmons, he sucks.  Thabo is where I struggle at though.

I keep going back and forth on whether they should pick up the option for Thabo or not.  If you're basing it on the 2nd half of last season and his un-tapped "potential", then the answer is yes.  But if you're basing it on the 1st half of last season and this year's preseason, then it's bye-bye Thabo.

This place seems to be split, almost dead even, between the Thabo supporters and those who think he's horrible.  He's the player that baffles me the most out of anyone.  He seems stuck in this continuous cycle of complete suckage only to turn around and play decently at times.  He doesn't really do anything THAT well, but defense is his obvious bread and butter.  Is he the Bulls version of Bruce Bowen?  Is he a 2?  Is he a 3?  Is he valuable enough to retrieve some decent parts in a trade?  I'm torn. 

Does anyone think Thabo is going to flourish under VDN's system or will he go back into the dark, cold place created by taskmaster Skiles?  Will he flourish at all?  He's only 24 so he does still have some time.  But I honestly cringe whenever the ball in anywhere in his vicinity.  This was supposed to be the summer where he really worked on his jumpshot and came back with a somewhat re-newed game.  But so far I only see pretty much the same old Thabo.

What to many questions, so little time.

Darn you Thabo!

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