Trade talk

Our short-sighted, veterans-will-save-us coaching staff has been forced to see, via the Hinrich injury, the longed for, defensive, big point-guard in front of their noses.  This short-sighted staff may also be realizing we have a center in Noah.  Even though I don't always agree with him, Charles Barkley seems to have captured the Noah - veteran happy, short-sighted coaching staff issue

''They are trying to kill this kid, and it's the veterans on that team that stink,'' Barkley said. ''I want them to stop trying to throw [Noah] under the bus and say that he is screwing up the team. The reason that the Chicago Bulls stink is because of their veteran players.''

How does the emergence of Thabo and Noah impact what we do as we approach the trading deadline?

1- Let's see what we have before giving it away.  We have become the model for the team that doesn't have patience with young players.  Young players screw-up and at times look terrible.  That does not necessarily mean they won't develop into something special.  Now I'm talking about TT.  The coaching staff seems to need someone's head to screw-up.  They now only have TT left to screw with and to their credit they appear to have done a great job taking away his confidence.  I am convinced we still do not know what kind of player TT will become.  Be careful before you trade him.

2- Noah appears to be the leader this team has so lacked.  He may not be the most skilled player but he has a special intensity and grit that this team needs.  He is still a rookie and can be a key future piece for us.  Do not trade him, even for Gasol.  I think Noah can be a better contributor for us long-term than Gasol.

3- Thabo's emergence has taken the steam out of our need for a long two guard.  Do not go after another long guard that will take minutes away from Thabo.

4- Our biggest need is minutes for Noah and TT.  The trade that makes most sense for this team (Matt is going to kill me for being repetitive but I cannot control myself) is the addition by substraction trade.  Get rid of the corpse.  Not an easy thing to do but a move that benefits this team.  I am so annoyed that the Knicks are winning because there is every indication that Isiah was about to be fired i.e. not being allowed to make trades.  The thinking is the new GM could then reshape the team.  Maybe they would go into the defesive rebuilding mode and take the Corpse. With Shaq deteriorating and their defensive woes continuing maybe Riles pulls the trigger Wallace for J Williams and M Blount.  We actually save money on this deal.

I like Gasol only if we give up the Corpse to get him.  I thought last night we looked as good as we did all season.  A loss to Memphis will evaporate my optimism but either way we need to see what we have before giving it away.

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