Future of line-up

Alright, this post might be over ambitious/redundant but here we go:

Seeing that there will be very few changes this summer (Unless paxson is being ultra secretive), I was trying to think of how the bulls would operate for the years to come if the bulls just stick with the current roster.  

First off, I think the bulls have the talent to win a championship in the next two years or three with the current roster developing etc... It would be really hard to win though because the type of players the bulls have. Not that I like charles barkley, but they need a low post presence/stop living by the jump shot solution.

Part of what worries me is that now I see tyrus playing out in the perimeter during summer league and then they draft Noah.  I think Noah is better than Spencer Hawes, but in some ways drafting hawes would have been the better move in terms of potential down the road.  Plus it is the second year in a row that they pass up on a post up threat (assuming you call aldridge a post up threat, which he sort of is).  Either way, it is not like Noah is going to get more than 15 minutes this year, they might as well have signed a short term vet like Moore, Smith or something and drafted Hawes.

Anyways moving on, as I have mentioned, Tyrus perimeter game has been developing.  The more I see him play, the more I think he has the potential to be a better SF than a PF when it comes to offense.  There are going to be lots of forwards either hanging around in the perimeter/playing pick and roll OR waiting for something to happen while down low and  trying to pick up offensive rebounds or easy baskets off of hand offs. This probably wont work unless Deng and Gordon are able to consistently be more aggressive driving to the hoop drawing double teams, in which case an easy basket wouldn't be as hard to come by. Somehow, I am less hopeful about Deng playing Pf and posting people up after watching him get pushed by Tayshaun Prince (as others have also observed)

Unless the bulls are holding out till mid season for a big trade or waiting for Garnett to opt out, the current team very much limits their options offensively and at certain times stifles thier offensive abilities.  No one to break the defense down on a consistent basis (like a Chris Paul/Nash or even Deron Williams) or draw double teams in the post like Duncan.  

Thats why many advocated last year for trading for Gasol (except according to several reports West was out of his mind and asking for half the team).  I would even go as far to trade Deng or Gordon but they are probably less valuable this year than last year because they are up for extensions this summer.  

Tyrus/Noah/Nocioni/Wallace/Deng frontline will probably be the strongest front line defensively, but as demonstrated by the Cavs night in and night out, even if you play great defense you need some offense (in conjunction with a competent coach) to win a championship. Some would say that the same goes for the Rockets problems. In summation, its all becoming more aggravating to believe that Paxson's patient philosophy and the Skiles notion that defense and will can beat everyone.  If there's is anything that might be more aggravating then temporary losing is long stretches of mediocrity, and i hope the bulls are heading that way. Throwing money at Nocioni and Wallace and then saying your not willing to go over the luxury tax also doesn't help in that regards.

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