Second Half Tipping Point

I get the feeling that the Bulls are on the verge of something great.  I also have the feeling that they are on the verge of a monumental collapse.  I'll explain more.
(No talk of the personal pronouns, I know)

We are consistent only in our inconsistency.  If we could play as well as one of our better nights, we're a 55 win team easily.  On one of our bad nights, we're a 30 win team.  We don't have any player except Deng that gives conmsistent production, and we seem mentally defeated sometimes even before the tip-off.

Skiles is a great X's and O's coach.  I feel like he's a good teacher, albeit a bit impatient.  But he has a tough job.  He has more youngsters than any other +.500 team in the league, and has to therefore worry about this year just as much as next.  Even our veterans are working out their rookie contracts.  He seems quick to pull guys out, and appears to win games we just shouldn't win with our lineup.  Our players are collectively outperforming their individual talent, IMHO.  Our team is miring in mediocrity, only in the East that means over .500.  We need a clutch, consistent player and a post player, best if one player fits both.  Pau may be one, but hasn't proven to be a leader and an elite player yet.

PJ Brown is a huge bargaining chip, but only if we think that FA money is not going to help us.  It's obvious that trading PJ Brown is basically signing a player for their contract, and giving up the other stuff.  Would I rather have Pau than a rookie like Horford?  Yes.  Post players are hard to come by, and take a long time to develop.  I think that unless Pau can be gotten for a deal like Our pick/PJB/Tyrus, we shouldn't do it.  We might be able to get a PF this summer, through FA
or a trade.  We're not ready to compete yet with the tops in the league.  Forget the East, we can't beat the best teams in the West yet.

The Bulls are either having a tough time gelling, or we just don't have the pieces yet.  I think that until we get a post player who can score while being double-teamed, we're going to continue to be an also-ran in the East.

These next few weeks are crucial, here are some things that I want to see:

  • 35 pt game from Deng
  • Wallace getting some energy and 20+ rebounds
  • Gordon playing 48min
  • Knicks losing every damn game
  • Tyrus to start for a while
  • Thabo to not throw the ball away
  • Duhon ridin the pine, he's not the future of this team
  • Bulls get 1-3 seed

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