Open Game Thread #25: Bulls vs. Houston Rockets

[Thanks to chgobr for today's game thread. -Matt]

Houston is also trying to figure out what to do to salvage their season.  They have lost three straight and five out of six.  Their disappointment is based on being 12-14 in the West compared to the Bulls 9-15. They look to the Bulls for their cure. Houston has won eight of the last nine against the Bulls and beat the Bulls the last four years at the UC.    

Houston's last game was a heart-breaking 112-111 loss to Denver.  They played without Tracy McGrady and unlike the Bulls worked their tails off to just fall short.  I watched the end of that game and if they play with that intensity they will be hard for us to beat even without TMac.  Tracy McGrady is questionable for the game tonight.  Yao has been a monster on the boards grabbing 19 rebounds in the last game against Denver.  Stevie Franchise is back and should get some minutes particularly if TMac cannot play.  Bonzi Wells is alive and probably still not all there in the head but is actually playing pretty well recently.  

Should they trade Yao or Tracy McGrady, Houston Chronicle?  Magic Johnson clearly thinks they should -

"It's not working out," Johnson said during halftime of the Rockets' 112-111 double-overtime loss at Denver on Thursday. "We've seen it for all these years; they get eliminated from the first round. I thought they were going to play well together, but it's not working. One of them has to go because it's not working."

I suggest reading The DreamShake to feel the Houston fan's pain.  

I'm about to write something that I don't believe I've said out loud more than 2-3 times in my lifetime: The Rockets suck. ....

What's worse is that I think they may actually be better WITHOUT Tracy McGrady for the first time since he's been here. He's acting like a baby on the court and not playing within the system. Why isn't he? Because the system won't net him 28PPG on 37% shooting, that's the best I can garner. TMac wants to shoot the ball repeatedly whenever he feels like it. ....  

The Houston Chronicle today considers tonight game their chance to get back on the right path

....  though catching the Bulls, who were whipped by Boston on Friday, tonight on Game 2 of a back-to-back with McGrady possibly returning to the lineup is a good thing.

Our angst is well documented in the over 300 entries in last night's game diary.  If you are looking for further confirmation that this season is going down the toilet check out Sam Smith.  Matt believes those of us hoping for an Aaron Gray miracle solution to our low post problems is emblematic of how pathetic the Bulls have become.  I am amazed at the fine line between winning and losing.  This is the same team that looked so good last year.  Beside Aaron Gray providing a low post balance, I am out of suggestions and growing weary of our horrible play and losing.  

Blogging with the enemy:
The DreamShake

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