Skiles vs Noah round one?

Well guys it's getting kinda old. See what losing will do. Now the coach is bashing his rookies comments. Or the fact that he made an honest assesment of the state of the Bulls. Well well welllllll.
Maybe Noah shouldn't have said anything but what do you expect him to say Skiles? It's Joakim Noah he speaks without filters. It was his Rookie debut of course he'll have a crowd around him asking him questions about the team. If you ask me I feel something is going on inside that maybe we don't know about. Whether or not Noah was frustrated by not knowing the plays and they have been butting heads or vice versa. Is it Skiles can not tollerate the slow progression as far as Noah learning the team plays? Who knows....

There seems to be friction and I spotted it in the last few games of the preseason. I remember Skiles calling Noah up to sub in for Gray when Noah came back to ask a question to the coaches Skiles shook his head in discust and sent him back to the bench. At which point Noah slowly walked back to the bench swearing. Seconds later one of the coaches came over to Noah with a white board and drew plays for him.

Ok Noah is having problems learning the plays I picked up on that during the last few preseason games but now it's starting to look childish that a coach would throw his player under the bus without him even knowing.


"If I had just played my first pro game, I'd probably keep my mouth shut, to be honest with you," Skiles told reporters at the Berto Center. "It's obvious we're not playing to our ability. There's no doubt about that. I may have a little problem with the phrasing of that, but the point is probably spot-on. But it probably should be somebody else speaking for the group."


"I don't want to say anything. There's no ... um, there's not ... I don't have a problem with coach Skiles, OK? If he feels that way, I'll shut up," Noah said.


Ok now people are not on the same page here. Skiles has to take it this far? I realize both guys are blunt but come on. Your 0-4 do you think it's the best time to jab at a player through the media? No. What Skiles should have said was either No comment or I'll have a talk with Joakim.

For Bulls fans there is a dark cloud hanging over this team. I feel lost with this team. Do they even wana be Bulls?

  1. This team has holes that really didn't get addressed in the offseason.
  2. Their two best players want mega millions and haven't shown to really step up to the plate and play with any urgency. Or show mental toughness. They haven't even made it past the second round of the playoffs.
  3. This team seems to have maxed out.
        A. Other teams are playing just as hard.(remember the hardest working team in the NBA?)
        B.  They know if you stop BG the odds are against the Bulls
        C.  Ben Wallace is dead. His fro is thinned with strands of gray.
  1. Kobe( Thats all I'll say of the never ending bs)
  2. Now Noah and Skiles seem to be butting heads.
I have no idea whats going on in the inside but what Noah said was nothing but honesty from a person who was just being honest in answering questions.

Why is Skiles mad?

 Skiles can't handle the truth! YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!!!!Skiles can't control this team. The 0-4 falls on Skiles and it's time for him to take some blame and stop spiting his rookie's honesty. It's not Noah's fault the truth kills Skiles.

 It's time for Skiles to look in the miror and do something now!
Some egos need to fucking be squashed or heads will roll. Trust me this team has grown some egos. Just cause your picked to win the East doesn't mean you relax and jerk off to your own picture.

Get a fucking win! Beat the Pistons!

  I hope they rally around their young and maybe take that into consideration and come together. Or they can just lose again and not know why............. until then Kobe! Kobe! Kobe!

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