Kobe Kurse: Birth

They say that sports have many superstitions. Players wear certain undergarments under uniforms (MJ), or like to dribble a certain way before shooting a free throw (RIP) or like to do a special dance when scoring a touch down, then there are the EVIL superstitions such as the cubs and thier Billy Goat Curse (it was a billy goat right?)...well chicago, we just got a new curse, the Kobe Kurse.

Consider this, however irrelevent preseason is, werent alot of our guys playing well in those preseason games? Forget about how many points they scored, but look at the energy, the swagger, the open and contested shots hit...and now look at the knicks game (which by the way should be at the level of a preseason game), and we get garbage.

One argument is that the bulls suck, but if you have followed them during the Paxile regime, then you would know that is not the case.

Sure good players slump, it happens alot in the game. Some slump for a few games, some just have horrendously bad seasons, a hiccup in thier career. However, has anyone ever, EVER, heard of this happening to an ENTIRE TEAM!?!?! We have guys who have been fairly consistent (if not improving) thier entire career, and suddenly all of them (except for noah, and thomas, and possibly now wallace) are playing well below thier career averages. How is this possible???

The Kobe Kurse.

The curse was born that fateful day when the very sort of legit kobe offer came into existence, you know the one that involved sacremento. Somehow by not accepting that trade we created some wierd swirl of negetive energy to completely engulf our team, and since then they havent recovered.

Enough of the superstition you say...well then...

even without there being a curse, that day is still the day the bulls really fell. Somehow the kobe talks hampered the confidence of the players on the team, and whether it is because of a mystic ability, or (more realistically) our team is mentally weaker than we all had ever thought, our bulls have, since that day, fallen into an abysmal state.

But if fans and reporters want an excuse, or entertain one if nothing more, than use this idea which i shall coin today....

Blame the bulls loss on...THE KOBE KURSE.

p.s. Hopefully ill be able to post a diary called

The Kobe Kurse : Death
that will only happen once the bulls have a winning streak of 7 games....

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