Deng out vs Lakers? Bummer dude!

Saying out one week. Well I guess that gives Sefooooooo some minutes? If that excites you.....or...whatever.

His hair was Ghetto nice by the way! Almost like he was riding on a speed boat off the coast of Switzerland. I take it Wallace, Gardner and Sefo braid each others hair? It's cool, reminded me of the Eddie Robbinson days! I wanted Eddie Robbinson to be good so very badly! Bad brain though. Bad thoughts and ideas.

Anyways nice little win I hope this is a sign that things are looking up. Wonderful D, making open shots. Moving the ball and Ben Wallace played like Big Ben last night! He does so many nice things when the other guys are shooting well. I hope this is more than a one time thing. Rebounding, tipping balls, I like his politicking of the refs. He showed prudence. He didn't really seem to care the first few games. Which I think is odd when your making 60 million. But hey what do I know.

Other Notes Gardner can shoot! Am I the only one who cares? Like when the ball leaves his hands it tends to go in or close to going in. I think thats just something to keep in mind. The man can shoot! Like to see him get worked in.

Nocioni! Wow if there is an MVP so far it's Red Bull! I really think his D has improved. Tonight he was closing out and getting huge rebounds! Wow Noch way to go! He has been special in my life! Love the hair! Love it! Love the hack on Patterson! Thats backbone baby! I remember the Sheed picking on Nocioni days! Way to go Noch! Noch is very clutch. He wears the 5 well. Unlike Ron Mercer getting his ass stuffed by old MJ. Ehhhhhhh!

Like the guard play so far. BG was his old self but still missed some wide open shots which the old BG would kill you on. Got to the Rim and it looks like his giant killer is back.

Kirk has played better. I think his shot is comming around and he's running the offense fairly well. This is the Kirk we need. Smart, gritty , collective.  I just wish him to be like the Kirk I watched in the Final Four. It was like he never missed a shot. When Kirk rolls so do the Bulls. Nice to see!

Duhon has played like the Duhon that stuck with the Bulls his rookie season. He hasn't hurt the team. Maybe he's not out late I don't know. Maybe it's the contract.(Yeah) Funny how that works.

Griff sighting was a nice suprise. I felt calm just watching him. Really though I think he can help in the playoffs. Whats wrong with him calling a team meeting? He's the oldest guy. Charles. Barkley always states the self-evident. Chicago has no scores.
Well could it be that maybe they were just not shooting well?

I still would like to see more from Deng. I know he's been hurt. He played fine tonight but who didn't. I really think Loul needs to take leadership classes. If he could develope like 3 post moves and 3 Iso moves he could be deadly. The pump fake for him is so key! He needs to pump fake alot! With that nice mid range he has all he has to do is pump fake lean in and draw the foul. He should be the number one Scoring option. That needs to be developed later on and into the playoffs. You need to say Loul is our guy we run through him and Noch and BG can play off him.
If Loul could develope the face up juper Karl Malone did. Not so much in strength but Malone could be Isoed in the post turn and face a player and knock down the 15 footer consistantly. You never see that anymore. He would pick and roll and then face up and knock it down eveytime. Or he would hold the ball low to the floor then swing up and set shot in peoples faces.

You guys remember offense?

Who will be the Bulls fist option? Deng needs to be that. He needs to be the Man now.

I hope these are the Bulls that can be top 3 in the East. First real win. Lakers will be tough game. They seem to be playing well at 5-3 and the Kobe drama will be in full effect. Wouldn't it be nice to turn things around in LA and move on from Kobe. I don't see it happening and really it doesn't make any sense. I was for a Kobe deal but your just going to get gutted.

My major concern with the team is Luol Deng. Does he wana be the man or just one of the guys? He has to want it. Because in big games when the defense is tight you need to establish your options. 1. Deng on Block 2. Gordon off screen 3. Drive and Kick to Nocioni. 4. Kirk does drives and gets fouled? 5. Ben Wallace shoots it off the top of the back board. Maybe more pick and rolls with BG and Deng. Set the pick for BG and if it's not there the dump it to Deng. Wana see it! More Alley Opps to Tyrus also. Where has that been? I just thought of the sweetest play...........(Reading Optional) Kirk brings it up to BG on the wing (Dribbles in abit) Deng sets a screen for BG and then rolls( BG's shot not there) BG dumps it down to the rolling Deng who has two options 1 shoot, 2 BG sets a back screen on Tyrus's man and Deng lobs the Alley opp to the cutting Thomas.

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