Harrington Reentering the Picture?

Harrington Looking For Dough in all the Wrong Places

I don't know whether it's a good idea really, but it seems that we could just end up with the two best big men of this free agent class, which isn't saying much, for less than we might have thought.  That is, if we want both, and not just Ben Wallace.  Here's the situation:

  •  Harrington Wants out of Hotlanta with a New Deal, with Maximum Money.  Shocking.
  •  Noone has any outright cap room to give him more than the MLE, for maybe 5-6 years, as a guess for length.
  •  Therefore, he needs to settle for less than he wants, unless a sign-and-trade seems feasible.
Golden State and Denver are said to be interested.  I think both are near the cap, or over it.  This means that both would have to trade significant salary to complete a sign-and-trade, but both teams would not offer much more than an exception or some dumping, a-la K-Mart.  I don't know how feasible it all is, but PJ Brown is an expiring contract, and if Harrington is willing to accept 7mil/year (That is somewhat similar to the resigning of Noce, as I see it) or something in that range to play for a better team than GS, and not be in a logjam at Denver, then we could make a play at this.

I don't know that he fits the team well, but I don't know his game well either.  He seems to be a good offensive post player, and has decent defense, so it seems from the little that I've seen.  Playing beside Big Ben would hide his liability, if it exists.  I have a number of concerns, and please respond with why it wouldn't work, or just might.  There's a big collective pool of knowledge here @ BAB:

  • The only thing we would have to give up is something insignificant player-wise, and not part of the core.
  • Cap Room would dwindle.  We would be near the cap next year to resign.
  • Is he a back-to-the-basket type?  Do we need that?
  • Can he defend?
  • What's his work ethic like?
  • Is the money workeable?
Lots of questions, but I think that 5/35mil and 2mil cap filler for PJ Brown would maybe just be what the low post needs, a scorer.  The depth chart would stand as:


Just having those players average what they averaged last year, the starters score 73.0 ppg.

The bench would, if the same, score 34.2, assuming TT and Thabo score never.  Harrington seems to help our scoring, and could become a 1st option on a team with very close options.

A Caveat:
I don't even know whether this would help or hurt the team, but I just threw it out there to give us something to do, and maybe Paxson is also looking at this as we are.  If Harrington is willing to settle for less money, he just might help us a lot.

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