Ty1, Scott Skiles, and the same page

"We never got along. It's hard to play for someone you're not communicating with. I'm the type of person ... I want to be on the same page, and we never reached that. It just didn't work for me."

--Former Bulls forward Tyson Chandler, talking on "The Best Damn Sports Show Period," about his issues with coach Scott Skiles.

--This from Fred Mitchell's column in the Trib today.

Because it's summer, and because there's not much else to talk about, does anyone else want to consider the implications of this quote? Here are two possibilities--and let me assure you that these are reckless, profitless, heat-crazed ideas.  

1. Ty2 could very, very quickly fall into disfavor with Skiles. Why? Well, to me the quote suggests that Skiles is impatient--to the point of being hostile--with people who are (to put it gently) stupid. Or hardheaded. Or unwilling (or unable) to learn or improve or adapt. Last year Tyson was essentially the same player he was when he first came into the league. Skiles was clearly exasperated with him, starting with his lazy summer routine and continuing to the end of the season, when he was still making dopey one-and fouls. Over and over Skiles would say, "We just want Tyson to run and jump and play smart. It's very simple. Once he does that, he can make a difference." He never did.

Ty2 may be a different case. He may be a quick learner, he may play smart, he may respond well to tough coaching. But something tells me no. Which also tells me that he could quickly turn into trade bait.

2. Pax's protestations to the contrary, Gordon might suffer the same fate. There were hints of a spat between Skiles and Gordon sometime around mid-season. And Gordon, too, despite his awesome talent, made the same mistakes over and over (the uncontrolled high dribbles, the thoughtless passes, the tendency to drive into the lane without thinking about what he'd do once he got there). I don't know how much longer Skiles could tolerate that.

Skiles's "page" is basically: Learn the system. Do the little things right. Keep improving. Don't make stupid mistakes. If you're not on it . . .

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