draft TT and trade Ben for Roy

So first... I think obviously if TT is there we take him... and baring a Toronto trade I believe most think he likely will be. The only thing that scares me a bit about TT is that he came out of no where this year... I know he red-shirted his 1st year... but still... all the scouts were amazed at his progress over just one year... either he'll continue at that rate... or the progress was an anomaly... either way hopefully we'll be the ones to find out... because I think he has the potential to be on the level of Amare.

Ok... secondly... and hear me out on this... I know we would be getting younger... again... I know we would be giving away one of the best clutch shooters in the league, but if we traded Ben straight up for Brandon Roy we balance out our backcourt and improve the overall play of the team significantly because we take Kirk off the opposing team's 2 on defense. We would easily be giving away the better player in the trade, albeit a very nearly one dimensional player... but I think the end product would be much better. I have to think that either the Bobcats or Trailblazers (even though Roy has the whole Washington connection) would jump at the chance to get Ben for a draft pick. But I have to think that (1) over the long-term Roy is the better fit in our system, (2) if this was Ben's draft year Pax would have Roy ranked higher, and (3) Ben just isn't going to be the dominant leader on this team... it just doesn't seem to be who he is. I'm not saying Roy would be... but it makes Ben tradable I think.

So... with 4 roster spots left open (one going to the 16th pick) and a few debatable FA signings... this is what I would see as a potential primary lineup for us next season:

  1. Hinrich / Duhon
  2. Roy / Matt Harpring (unrestricted FA)
  3. Deng / Nocioni
  4. TT / Nocioni / Songolia (resign?) / Sweetney
  5. Chandler / Pryzbillla (unrestricted FA)
I think starters at the beginning of the season at least would most likely be Kirk, Harpring, Deng, Nocioni, and Chandler... but I ranked them as where I see their ultimate ceilings with this team... and hopefully where they would be by the end of the year.

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